And Now for Something Completely Different


(Between you and me, it’s my favorite part of the day’s work). 

How do you remind people at other hospitals that we have a new compounding pharmacist? Build a cut-out and let the teams use him to prank each other – that wasn’t the plan, but it worked.

The billboard on I-93 gave us a 2,000% increase in Facebook traffic over the month we ran the campaign. We used a hashtag and asked people to post their pet’s image for a chance to win a spot for their pet on the board.

Events are hard work, but worth the pain when all the planning pays off!

Sometimes the photobooth #fails. When it rains the paper props get wet, and dogs refuse to give back the toys, but it’s still fun.

Educational events in the veterinary industry can call for some special precautions if you want the hotel to give you back your security deposit and allow you to come back next year! And for kids, what’s better than a Teddy Bear First Aid Tent. Young kids get their toys fixed by a veterinarian or technician, older kids get to learn how to suture (so they can repair their own toys, and grow up to be veterinarians).

Advertising isn’t all pens and billboards, sometimes it’s van wraps too.

It doesn’t always have to go on walls either. Advertising can be more noticeable when it appears to blend with the floor, and it looks like, … wait, why are there muddy paw prints on the floor? Oh, it’s an ad, sure … for a veterinary hospital, near here. Got it.

Disclaimer: My dog Jester is not the only dog I use in my marketing, but she is the only one who belongs to me. I wouldn’t feel comfortable posting pictures of other peoples’ pets on my portfolio. 

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