Sneak Peek: Ethos Inside

In December 2015 a new veterinary group was born of the merger between IVG Hospitals and three other veterinary specialty hospitals.

We are working towards building and defining a brand for this new entity named Ethos Veterinary Health. It has been a multi-stage, multi-partner effort.  It began with a name and a logo, from there a brand, a corporate entity and materials have started to emerge.

We created stationery so we could start the business of doing business.

Next, we approached the development of a voice, a tone & a style. Working internally the brand started to emerge. The entire team needed to grow, we developed tools and materials to aid in recruitment efforts.

We externalized the brand through event participation, business development and social media awareness building campaigns. There were prizes & giveaways. There are always prizes.

Websites are now being developed. Interim solutions can be your best friend when time and resources aren’t.  Final websites are under construction.

Corporate branding and brand building will continue; there is so much more to do. In the meantime, as we work on the website wireframes in the background, we have begun the process of brand building on behalf of the fourteen 24-hour emergency and specialty veterinary hospitals.

I have not created any of this alone. I wouldn’t want to; I have a great team, we work collaboratively. We lean on each other for expertise, insight, creativity and vision. Together we’ll build this brand and it will speak volumes when it is done.

My role has been to develop the brand in all of its complexity. To ensure consistency across a variety of multimedia platforms, and to build brand equity in the minds of all stakeholders. I have leveraged the internal and external expertise of printers, designers, social media strategists, search engine optimization experts and web developers. It has been hard, and it has been fun.

Please be patient, the brand is still under construction, but the bones are there now.

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