Writing Samples

Follow the links below for a small selection of pieces I have written over the years. In some cases, photos and names have been removed to protect the privacy of others.


Client Focused Articles are, as described, written with the pet-owner in mind. The tone is softer, more gentle, less technical, not because they are not smart enough, because their visit to the veterinary hospital is a stressful event in most cases. I strive to write as I would appreciate being spoken to by technical teams.

Press Releases are succinct and short. Only the details relevant to the story are included. In most cases, I have tried to convey the value in the story, in addition to the pertinent details.

Service Updates are written for industry partners and other external veterinary teams. The purpose of these missives is to educate them about a new service or department change that will impact their ability or desire to refer to one of the hospitals in the IVG network, now Ethos Veterinary Health. I have kept this section short as the content often features the specialist who has joined the team. It seemed inappropriate to share here.