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What follows below is a short guide for what you can expect while your pet is an inpatient at one of our hospitals. If you have any questions, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask. Your pet’s veterinary technician is a great place to start.

Prior to Admission:

Prior to admission, you will receive information from the medical team about your pet’s specific condition and/or treatment plan.  This may include changes in feeding schedules or medications. Please ask if anything remains unclear following this conversation. Our team’s goal is to ensure that all of your questions are answered.

Contact Information

During your pet’s hospitalization, our medical team will call at regular intervals with updates on your pet’s condition. Please be sure to provide our Client Care Coordinators with your preferred telephone numbers if you haven’t done so already.  Our commitment to you and your pet is to provide the highest standards of medical care and personal service possible.

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Decisions in Pet Insurance

jesterI have a puppy. She is full of life, mischief, and is still learning how to be obedient. I work at a specialty veterinary hospital and know what it can cost to treat a broken bone, a torn ACL, or retrieve a foreign body. My dog is family and I never want to make a decision for her medical care on the basis of the contents of my bank account – this is a decision best left for my heart, soul and mind, and the recommendations of the incredible team of doctors and specialists at all of the IVG hospitals.

I have intended to get her some insurance for months, and I had put the task off for months. With her first birthday looming, spring around the corner, and increasing opportunities for shenanigans dancing in her tiny trouble-making pea brain, I found myself taking a deep dive into the world of pet insurance. These are some of the tools I used for research, and some of the questions I asked myself along the way.

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