Standards of Care


Portsmouth, NH, Aug. 18, 2008– Standards of care in veterinary medicine have been following trends in human medicine for a number of years.  General practitioner veterinarians work hand in hand with board-certified veterinary specialists and specialty referral hospitals to successfully treat a number of illnesses and diseases once considered terminal or incurable. As the human-animal bond continues to strengthen, demands for higher quality care and more advanced diagnostics have increased.  It is in response to this growing need for board certified specialty veterinary care in northern New England that we are very excited to be opening Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital in Portsmouth, NH on September 4, 2008.

As attitudes towards our animal companions change, so have our attitudes towards the level of care they receive and the amount of suffering we will bear on their behalf. More and more, these attitudes are mirroring an expectation based on what is available in human medicine. Surgery to counteract the effects of aging such as cataracts or joint replacement were considered cutting edge in human medicine at one time. Today, surgery for these diseases and medication or technology to treat and diagnose age-related diabetes and kidney failure are taken for granted in human medicine.

The same is becoming true for our animal companions. Board certified veterinary ophthalmologists, internists, radiologists and surgeons have access to much of the same technology and similar drugs, and as a result, our pets are living longer, healthier lives. Even in the case of diseases such as some forms of cancer, palliative treatments are available to lessen discomfort and suffering during the final months of their lives.

Specialists and general practitioners in veterinary medicine work with each other to manage the overall health of a pet. Specialty referral hospitals have access to more advanced technology than many smaller veterinary practitioners, so while a pet may be referred to a larger hospital and a specialist for diagnosis and a treatment plan, many pet owners will continue to manage their pet’s care through their general practitioner.

Located at 215 Commerce Way, off exit 7 on Rt. 95, behind the K-Mart on Woodbury Ave in Portsmouth New Hampshire, Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital will provide state of the art 24 hour emergency care, 6 day per week internal medicine and surgical services, both inpatient and outpatient ultrasound, digital radiography and 4 day per week ophthalmology services.

With a wide range of advanced diagnostic equipment our doctors and staff are committed to open and regular communication with clients and their regular veterinarians. Hospitalized patients are never left unattended overnight. Experienced emergency doctors and technicians are available around the clock.  For more information and updates as they happen, please see our website: